Welcome to the 2016 season with Susan Buckley (C.P.G.A.) and Mike Rivet (C.G.T.F.)!

If you are having difficulties with your golf swing, email our golf pros about your concerns and they will personally advise you.

If you have never golfed before, our pros can have you swinging in no time. Have a swing error? They can identify the problem immediately and correct it. How about an injury that is keeping you from playing your best? They can also help adjust your swing, so that you can play with no further injury.



Group Instruction:
Bring your own group (between 4-6 golfers) for an hour or more! 

1 hour only (2 people): $55.00/person
4x1 hour: $220.00/person
1 hour only (3 people): $50.00/person
4x1 hour: $180.00/person
1 hour only (4 people): $45.00/person
4x1 hour: $160.00/person

Juniors - The Future of the game!
Buy a token and get 15 minutes for $20.00




Private Instruction:
1/2 hour: $55.00
6x1/2 hour: $318.00
8x1/2 hour: $420.00
10 week program: $500.00

Buy a token and take a 15 minute golf lesson for $20.00

Adult Group Class: $160.00/person
Learn to swing in four weeks! One hour a week for four consecutive weeks.
3-6 students max.

Sat/Sun Mornings: 9-10am
Tues/Thurs Evenings: 6-7pm

HST Not included.


Contact Info:

Susan Buckley
Phone: 416.686.7752

Mike Rivet
Phone: 416.895.4755